SJTA Testimony April 2020

The Delaware Valley Association of Rail Passengers (DVARP) has reviewed the proposed Atlantic City Expressway toll increase and the list of Capital Project Plan items to be funded. DVARP conditionally supports the proposed Atlantic City Expressway toll increase in order to:

  • provide funding for the Capital Project Plan items associated with passenger rail service, and to

  • incentivize a modal shift to public transit (with the goal of reducing Vehicle Miles Traveled) by further shifting the financial burden of negative impacts associated with Single Occupancy Vehicle operation to motorists using the Atlantic City Expressway.


DVARP takes issue with this ad-hoc method of funding passenger rail capital projects due to:


  • the unsustainable example of the significant reliance upon toll funding being utilized to support comprehensive long-term transportation planning in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and

  • our preference to see the NJ Legislature make significant changes to relieve the depleted state of the NJ Transportation Trust Fund


DVARP supports the following Capital Project Items as necessary to achieve a more well-balanced transportation system within southern New Jersey:

         11)   Glassboro Camden Light Rail (Design Support)

         12)   Upgrades to Atlantic City Rail Line


DVARP opposes the following Capital Project items that potentially support an unnecessary increase in Single Occupancy Vehicle utilization & Vehicle Miles Traveled:

           7)   All Electronic Tolling & ITS Upgrades

           8)   3rd Lane Widening (MP 31 to MP 44)

           9)   Expressway Interchange 7 Improvements

         10)   Expressway / ACY Direct Connector


DVARP takes no position with respect to the following Capital Project items:

           1)   Expressway Resurfacing

           2)   Interchange Lighting Improvements

           3)   Pleasantville Maintenance Yard Garage Replacement

           4)   ACE Connector, Route 30, Route 87, Route 187, AC Corridor Resurfacing

           5)   ACE Connector & Tunnel LED Lighting Upgrades

           6)   Expressway Fleet Replacement

DVARP also recommends the following improvements for future public hearings:

  • Continued utilization of the online stream and phone conferencing technologies to allow greater public participation through greater public access

  • Providing more detailed information concerning the scope and cost of Capital Project Plan items

  • Posting relevant hearing media and information online at the SJTA website well in advance of the actual public hearing event

  • Developing and maintaining an e-mail list to provide information to, and to maintain contact with, significant stakeholders interested in South Jersey Transportation Authority policy and activities.




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